Sesame Street To Do Mad Men Parody

August 4, 2009 by  
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Sesame Street producers announced at the show’s press tour panel on Saturday that they will parody Mad Men, the acclaimed drama set in a 1960s chauvinistic ad agency.

When asked how they would pull off such a feat, conveying parodic humour for preschoolers, Executive VP of Content Miranda Barry replied:

“You may have seen our parody we did a few years ago called ‘Desperate Houseplants’ which was a perfect translation of a houseplant that wasn’t getting its needs met by the gardener who was not watering it.”

The VP of Education and Research added: “Sesame Street has always been written on two levels. And the children don’t understand these parodies, but the adult does… Think about the title ‘Mad Men’ and think about the emotional curriculum that might be linked to that.?

It’s good to hear that Sesame Street is still pushing the envelope even into its 40th year on air. It will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November, featuring a new host – Murray Muppet – and the show’s first use of CGI.

It’s open, Sesame. For anything.