Dragon’s Den Peter Jones Blast Bannatyne

August 4, 2009 by  
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It might be the most pointless show ever but we know why you watch it.

You want to see the sparks fly between big shot businessmen and women while pathetic ‘inventors’ try and sell their homemade crap. Dragon’s Den has it uses though, like crushing the dreams of the hopeful.

But this time the flamey breath of the dragons isn’t directed at the innocent participants, but each other. Peter Jones has taken a couple of shots at co-dragon, Duncan Bannatyne, saying that, ‘if he had half a brain he’d be dangerous.’

The comments were made after Bannatyne was the only dragon to miss a group appearance on the Jonathan Ross show for another of Ross’ thrilling (groans) interviews.

Jones’ went on to say, “It’s difficult to have an intelligent conversation with him.”

The show still pulls in decent viewing figures and we imagine that Jones’ comments will just add spice to the show. Shame he couldn’t have slagged off the rest of them and done a job lot.