Sold?: Poos House? Paul’s House!

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What a challenge the campaign for air fresheners faces. After having to rely on convincing the consumer that they stink and that they can’t be bothered to open their windows, they go on to employ subtle techniques, showing us how colourful and alluring our homes would be if we had a few canisters of fragranced chemicals knocking about.

The latest offering from Glade (seemingly the product of an Apprentice task) isn’t quite so subtle.

“Mum, I want to do a poo,? wails our little brat.

“Come on then,? says Mum, visibly thrilled at her sprog’s bowel movements.

“But I want to do a poo in Paul’s bathroom,? brat continues, probably touching cloth by now.

“Don’t be silly, come on,? Mum says, offering her hand.

“I’m going to do a poo at Paul’s.? He insists. And off he marches with backpack in tow

Indignant child. Since when are the little darlings allowed to choose where they go potty? It brings whole new meaning to the phrase “feral youth?. Stinker’s off to Paul’s to mark his territory.

And since when is it deemed acceptable to say poo three times in the space of 10 seconds in an advertisement that’s not even for toilet paper (etc.)?

And the backpack? What has he got in there? Provisions for the trek to Paul’s bathroom? Perhaps it’s a mecca for crap-making and there’s a bit of a queue.

If he can put his foot down like that, he really doesn’t need your help in there, Mum.

Leonie Mercedes

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Betty Tully says:

I think this is the worst advert I have ever seen,surely they did’nt actually pay someone to come up with this poor excuse for an advertisement!!!!

anton says:

i see you’re now re-hashing old news stories! shame…

eoinmonkey says:

I think perhaps part of the reason why this advert is SO bad (as opposed to just standard ‘advertising is made by scum’ bad) is that it is clearly foreign, and dubbed. Christ knows where it came from, but maybe they have different attitudes to poo wherever it is.