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What do Will Ferrell and Bear Grylls have in common? As you probably guessed, not a hell of a lot but we got a kick out of seeing them together in their recent special, Bear Grylls Meets Will Ferrell: Born Survivor.

For seemingly no reason at all, these two went trekking around Northern Sweden for a couple of days. Bear provided the hardcore ‘I’m a real man’ survival techniques while Will provided a bit of comedy. Not an easy feat while your funny bone is covered in frostbite.

We enjoyed this odd little combo and their boys own adventure and so in Carrie Bradshaw style, we couldn’t help but wonder… what other strange friendships would bloom if unlikely pals were stuck on a TV show together?

So in honour of this weird celebrity mashup, we’ve made a list of TV combos we’d like to see.

Brian Blessed and Patrick Moore

With Patrick’s soothing tones and ultimate knowledge of the universe and Brian’s sonic boom of a voice, we could have our own British geriatric, superhero duo.

With Brian’s past sci-fi exploits in Flash Gordon and Patrick’s interest in space, maybe they could be alien superheroes like Superman.

Although Patrick is 86 and looks a little bit like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we’re pretty sure he could he a super genius if he stopped playing the xylophone for five minutes. Here’s Patrick’s lookalike; don’t tell me these two weren’t separated at birth.

Brian however could just talk at his enemies. Bleeding from the ears will pretty much stop any villain.

Though we think in their case, they should go for tasteful suits rather than spandex. Of course just for kicks we could get Brian to get into that Flash Gordon outfit again. Let’s see that again.

Angela Lansbury and Dick Van Dyke

While these two may be the most beloved elderly, accidental detectives around, we’ve got a few concerns.

Everywhere she goes, no matter where in the world she is, somebody dies. Yet no one ever questions old Murder She Wrote, probably because she looks like everyone’s Nan. Dick’s character in Diagnosis Murder, however, worked in a hospital so he’s used to people croaking around him all the time.

Dick is one slick mofo and could sleaze his way out of any situation. Here’s him laying down some beats to teach a class.

We think that because these two seem to be above suspicion, they should team up and go on a killing spree. They know how to get away with pretty much everything and before they kill you they’d knit you a jumper and tell you how special you are. Well if you’ve gotta go….

In a sick addition to this, we’d secretly like to put them in a room and see them either a) get it on, or b) fight to the death.

Vic Mackey and Jack Bauer

OK, admit it, this would be the most bad ass show ever if these two were to cross paths.

In place of their own show together, we’d happily settle for a 24/The Shield crossover episode. Failing that how about an Odd Couple, wacky sitcom type show featuring balding and balder. Here’s Vic showing his bad cop routine.

‘One’s a neurotic CTU agent and one’s a corrupt yet lovable LA cop. Sharing an apartment in the big city, these two become the best of friends as they struggle with life, love and Middle Eastern terrorist activity.’

Anything, we’ll take anything with these two in it.

We’re betting it’d either be handbags at dawn for these two hardcore cops or there’d be a ‘brothers in arms’ type of friendship. And then at the end of the series they could have a Thunderdome type of fight to the death. Awesome.

Miss Marple, Jonathan Creek, DCI Gene Hunt, Inspector Frost, Sherlock Holmes

Ok these characters may well be separated by great lengths of time but it has come to our attention that we are without our own version of a Justice League. And given that a British superhero would probably have rubbish powers, we propose we set up a legion of super detectives.

Sherlock Holmes of course would be the Superman of the group with his superior brain skills and violin playing. The other would rally around him, all with their own signature style and thousands of old lady fans.

Though Jonathan Creek would have to get a haircut before he can do anything and we’d probably have to set Marple up with her own electronic wheel chair. Frost is the tough but fatherly figure of the team and Gene is the renegade who’ll drive off in the Quattro every time someone pisses him off. He’d be the snarky, quick witted one with the best lines. Let’s hear some of them.

Dawn French and Stephen Merchant

With French being a beloved comedy veteran and Merchant being from the Gervais school of comedy as well as ridiculously tall, there could be a genius comedy duo here.

In all honesty, we’d just like to see these two standing next to each other. It’d be like a Matchmaker and Terry’s Chocolate Orange together.

French’s sense of humour, penchant for wearing silly costumes and oddly sexy persona (don’t question us) would be the perfect balance for Merchant’s cringy awkwardness. We’re thinking a sitcom or a sketch show would be perfect for these two. Although it would be nice if Merchant could join French and Saunders for one of their classic movie parodies.

Here’s our favourite movie parody.

Shaft and Magnum PI

Who wouldn’t watch this, the ultimate 70s cop show? But no Samuel L. Jackson thank you very much; we think he needs to focus on his film choices right now.

And it will be part of Tom Selleck’s contract that he has the tash. It wouldn’t be Magnum without it. They could be the ebony and ivory of TV cops.

Fighting crime on the mean streets, Shaft could be the hardcore, streetwise detective and Magnum could be the playboy who occasionally does some work. TC, Magnum’s helicopter flying buddy, would provide backup with Higgins hanging around to make snarky comments.

Shaft’s cool demeanour might be an unlikely pairing with Magnum’s devil may care attitude but hey, opposites attract. You can’t fight love.

Who’s the cat that won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about? Magnum! OK there’ll have to be a new theme song.

Can you dig it?

Liz Lemon and Monica Gellar

30 Rock’s favourite frazzled baby mad producer and Friend’s Monica would make a great pair, a bit like the girl centric 70s show The Mary Tyler Moore show or maybe more like Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy.

Before Monica adopted twins in the last half of the final season she was crazy for babies and Liz is so in need of a kid that she dated a midget because she liked looking after him. These two are neurotic, more than a little needy and with a quick witted sense of humour.

We’re thinking roommates would be a good setting and no we’re not trying to recreate Friends. Monica is crazy and controlling and Liz is crazy and barely holding it together. Hilarity ensues.

If you’re not fully aware of 30 Rock and Liz Lemon’s messed up life then where the hell have you been? Unfortunately we understand why you haven’t seen it on UK TV because for some reason it was bought by Five and who the hell still watches that?

So here’s some of Liz’s best bits.

Emily Moulder