Deadliest Warrior To Air On Bravo

July 30, 2009 by  
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If you tuned into the first episode of Charlie Brooker’s latest TV outing “You Have Been Watching?, you would have no doubt been outraged, offended and maybe a little titillated by a little TV offering named “Deadliest Warrior?, whereby famous warriors from history are pitted against each other in a hypothetical battle to the death, using modern science and CGI technology.

Yes, it’s American.

If you were titillated (and how couldn’t you be by a five-a-side clash between the Taliban and IRA), it will strike you as great news that the rights to Deadliest Warrior have been secured by UK spunk network Bravo.

The series will form part of Bravo’s Autumn schedule. Spin-off programme Deadliest Warrior: The Aftermath will air on Bravo’s website, where viewers can discuss the battles.

The series originally aired on the US’s men-only Spike TV, and attracted more than 1.7 million viewers, giving the network its highest-ever ratings among the male 18-34 demographic for an unscripted series premiere.

Mathhew Green says:

It’s not part of the Autumn schedule on Bravo, the promo’s say it starts August 11th.