Alan Carr To Team Up With Susan Boyle

July 29, 2009 by  
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Alan Carr has revealed that he is keen to team up with Susan Boyle for a new TV project.

The camp comedian believes that the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up could be the perfect replacement for his former screen partner Justin Lee Collins.

In an interview with Star magazine, Carr explained: “I always get on with women more than men, so maybe me and SuBo would work. Now that Richard & Judy are gone it could be Alan & Su.?

Initial estimates are that the make-up department required for such a show would be nearly four times larger than what is normal for a programme of its kind.

Carr added that Boyle was also welcome to appear on his Channel 4 show, Chatty Man.

“I enjoyed Britain’s Got Talent, but it got a bit scary when Susan hitched up her skirt. She’d have to come on with someone – I don’t mean a carer,? he added hastily.

Apparently nearing the final stages of his plan to besmirch his reputation beyond any repair, the chat show host explained: “Maybe we could put her with the dancing granddad, we’d clump them together and get some sense out of them.?

Some say that people will watch anything these days. Maybe we’re about to find out if that really is true…