New series of Little Britain? Computer Says No

July 27, 2009 by  
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Six years after its debut (and long after it jumped the shark), David Walliams has announced the end of Little Britain.

Mere months after confirming the Little Britain movie with co-star Matt Lucas, Walliams confessed that there would be no more series of the show.

“The BBC and HBO both asked us to do more shows but we feel it’s time to do something else before people get sick of you”, Walliams was quoted in the Mail on Sunday.

He continued: “Sometimes you give people what they want too much and they end up sort of not liking it any more. If the show comes back year in year out, it’s just probably not special any more. It’s important we change the record and do something else creatively.”

He also revealed that he and Lucas are to start work on a new show for the BBC, to be co-produced by HBO.