Blue Peter Garden Here To Stay

July 27, 2009 by  
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The BBC has denied claims that it is planning to scrap the beloved Blue Peter garden after 34 years.

A tabloid paper yesterday reported that the garden would be axed following Blue Peter’s move from London to Manchester and that a virtual garden (eh?) would take its place.

However, a Blue Peter spokeswoman has confirmed that plans are being made for a new garden, with trees and everything, to be introduced at the long-running children show’s new Salford location.

She said: “There are absolutely no plans to make the garden a virtual garden. Our plan is to have the real garden at Mediacity UK.”

Well, thank the Lord for that. What good is a virtual garden anyway? Where are Lucy and Mabel going to relieve themselves? And what message does that send to the UK’s increasing population of obese children?

No need to go outside to learn and play kids, not with a virtual garden! You stay put on the sofa with your remote control and family pack of M’n’Ms.

Virtual garden? Terrible idea. Maybe they were afraid of vandals.