Bear Grylls Meets Will Ferrell Born Survivor Review: Bear Laughs

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BEAR GRYLLS MEETS WILL FERRELL: Saturday 25th July, Discovery Channel, 5pm Alert Me

To create one very entertaining TV programme, take the scariest man on British television, add one American comedy icon and leave them to wander around northern Sweden for a couple of days.

Men vs Wild is a show of which we have high expectations, and it does not disappoint. By now, most people know what to expect from Bear Grylls – a helicopter entrance followed by a mad dash to put stupid things in his mouth.

But as TV’s most fashionable survival dude gets stuck into this latest piece of unforgiving Arctic terrain, Will Ferrell provides the perfect deadpan foil.

Despite Ferrell yelling for his mummy as he abseils on to the snow, the duo make a good start, however when the Anchorman star gobbles their only twinky bar after ten minutes, a potential flashpoint arises.

Thankfully Grylls lets this one slide, but wastes no time in briefing his new partner on the serious travails that await them.

It quickly becomes obvious that this programme is going to work, and as they lower themselves over the first ice-wall with the aid of some tactically positioned twigs, Ferrell’s banter begins to warm up.

“Our extraction point is all the way over there,? says the survival guru, pointing at the horizon. “Damn you Bear Grylls,? responds Ferrell calmly.

But there’s no time to hang around chatting – Grylls has found the frozen carcass of a reindeer. “Are you sure we can eat its head?? asks Ferrell in the worried tones of a man becoming accustomed to following ridiculous orders.

But the funny-man maintains his good humour in stoic fashion as Grylls thrusts a burnt eyeball in his direction: “If I had a dollar for every time I came to Sweden and ate deer’s eyeball, I would be a very rich man?, muses Ferrell as he munches away with a resigned look on his face.

The next day, the chopper appears to pluck these two new best-mates from polar obscurity, and we feel much closer to both of them.

This programme must have involved a fair bit of work for Discovery to organise – but the bosses will feel it was definitely worth it. They have produced an excellent odd-couple TV programme which will no doubt be repeated for many years on their catalogue of sub-channels.

And for once that’s a good thing.

Sean Marland