The Bill 9pm Relaunch: Exclusive Interview

July 23, 2009 by  
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Lots of great things happen post-watershed.

Bumping uglies, shoot-outs and transgender orgies (and that’s just the cartoons – thanks South Park).

So with The Bill’s much hyped move to 9pm, you’d half expect the opening salvo to include all of the above and more.

Thankfully, we were granted exclusive access to tonight’s episode and it’s safe to say that there’s still everything you know and love about The Bill, only more polished and a better.

We caught up with two of its stars Sam Callis (Callum Stone) and Alex Walkinshaw (Dale ‘Smithy’ Smith) to talk about the relaunch, how it’s trying to compete with American cop dramas and how they felt about the departure of longest-serving staffer Graham Cole (Tony Stamp) and the subsequent fan backlash.

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