Mayor Bozza On Eastenders

July 22, 2009 by  
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The BBC has announced that Boris Johnson is to make a cameo appearance in its flagship soap Eastenders.

Apparently satisfied with his work as the mayor of London, Boris has decided to dip his toe into the acting water.

Producers of the show suggest that the inclusion of the mayor reflects life in contemporary London. This will come as no surprise to most of the soaps viewers who are no doubt sick and tired of bumping into the Boris down their local.

If you have read this far expecting to hear some sort of punch-line, let me just take this chance to confirm that this is a real story.

Upon confirming his appearance, in which he will play himself in a visit to the Queen Vic, Johnson announced that he could hardly wait to share a scene with the ‘fabulous’ Barbara Windsor.

Viewers who regularly tune in to watch events in Albert Square will be no strangers to crazy storylines, but this is surely the shows most ridiculous cast member since that bloke from Spandau Ballet was in Walford.

The most disappointing part of this whole episode must be that Johnson is actually going to be playing himself, surely casting him as a long-lost Mitchell cousin would have been a masterstroke.