Exclusive Bear Grylls and Will Ferrell: Born Survivor Clip

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Bear Grylls and Will Ferrell may not, at first, seem instantly obvious bedfellows.

But look at it this way: they’re both insane, they both like pushing things to the edge, and they both love tucking into reindeer’s eyeballs.


Check out our EXCLUSIVE clip below for a taster of what’s to come in this very amusing, very entertaining and very bonkers Bear Grylls special.

This July intrepid explorer Bear Grylls takes on his toughest assignment yet and challenges actor and comedian Will Ferrell, star of the new movie Land of the Lost, to join him on a 48 hour survival mission in the Arctic Circle. Bear begins by briefing his partner on the severe conditions they’ll have to confront during their journey, and the worst-case scenarios the duo could endure.

But Will is undaunted, and, armed only with the most basic of survival equipment, the pair set off for the desolate mountain ranges and glaciers of the far north of Sweden. Without losing his infectious sense of humour, Will proves his mettle through a series of physically challenging endeavours: tandem-abseiling from a helicopter, clambering down a one hundred foot frozen waterfall and building a shelter to stay warm overnight in the sub-zero temperatures.

Plus Bear wastes no time showing his team mate what it takes to find food in the frozen coniferous forests, how to improvise snow shoes from saplings and even get a nutritious meal in the shape of reindeer eyeballs!

Will Ferrell and Bear Grylls: Born Survivors is on Discovery Channel, Saturday 25th July, 7.00pm

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