True Blood Review: O (So) Positive

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TRUE BLOOD: Friday 17th July, FX UK, 10pm Alert Me

Ever since Buffy and Angel finished, we have been in dire need of a vampire TV show.

Since I’m not a 12 year old girl, I wasn’t satisfied with the sparkly stake dodgers in Twilight.

I need my men with a little more monster in them. So thank the Lord that Alan Ball created True Blood.

Set in a world where vampires have come out of the coffin and into the mainstream thanks to the Japanese invention of synthetic blood, with no need to feed from humans anymore, vampires have outed themselves across the world. In a small Lousianna town, Bon Temps, waitress Sookie Stackhouse encounters the town’s first vampire visitor, Bill.

Anna Paquin plays Sookie, a Christian girl who’s pure of mind and body, and stuck working at Merlotte’s bar. Her psychic powers mean she’s constantly plagued by the invading voices of her customers, but Sookie is stumped when she can’t read Bill’s mind.

Sookie’s a sweet but sexually repressed girl, and as a result she makes an interesting lead because she isn’t as grating as a virtuous character might be. The boys of Bon Temps are buff and ruggedly sexy, especially Sookie’s brother, Jason (Ryan Kwanten). Vampire Bill, however, is something else. Pale, intense with an underlying violent side; when you’re watching him you’ll be twitching in your seat for all the right reasons.

The characters are well written, with as many human flaws crammed in as possible. It really points out the fact that no matter how bad you think vampires are, humans are no different.

Alan Ball has decided to make it clear that any romantic notions about vampires will be put side by side with animalistic sexcapades. I mean, come on, if you were alive for a couple of hundred years and you couldn’t die, you would pretty much have sex all the time. Well that’s how vampires see it. You’ve been everywhere, done everything and so now it’s time to do everyone.

From what I’ve heard of future episodes, Ball has started as he means to continue. There is sex all over this show. You might want to give your TV a wipe down when it’s finished.

True Blood makes a damn good start with this pilot. It has a fantastic premise and is pretty much wide open to go in any direction it wants. And while it may draw comparisons to Buffy and Angel, True Blood looks set to carve out its own path.

Emily Moulder

Rebecca says:

A Damn GREAT Series… Its 50 Times Better Than Twilight… The Sex Scenes Do Catch You Off Guard Abit And Once Sookie Has Had A Taste Even She Cant Get Enough… Come On Mr Ball.. Thank You So Much For Leaving Me Glued To The TV Every Friday Night At 10…