As Seen On TV Review: Telly Addicts 2000

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AS SEEN ON TV: Friday 17th July, BBC1, 8:30pm Alert Me

To anyone who fears where Fern Britton is destined following her sad departure from This Morning, fear no longer.

Or, on second thought, do.

She’s entered the realm of the panel show.

The premise truly is genius: for a nation who loves telly, and loves a panel show on the telly, the Beeb has come up with… a panel show about telly!

‘Our Fern’ captains one of the teams along with Jason Mansford, who has apparently brought with him the set of 8 Out of 10 Cats. Steve Jones off T4 overlooks the proceedings.

The guests are cobbled together from the forgotten vaults of telly history; Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen from 90s TV show Changing Rooms, Pauline Quirke from 90s TV show Birds Of a Feather, ‘er off Holby City and Lauren Laverne who seems to turn up to wherever anyone will take her.

All this before a live inebriated audience.

One has to be little sceptical about prime-time panel shows. The often testosterone-fuelled competition of wits that leans on a crutch of innuendo and double entendre – which is the very essence of the panel show – has to go in order to fit the pre-watershed slot.

The filth is toned down, which is disappointing, especially when you consider how filthy the captains are. Steve Jones can be very filthy. They’re having to hold back which is a shame.

Instead, the comedy offered is as gentle as the lingering hand that brushes across your inner thigh on the tube at rush hour.

It goes like this: Look! A Bruce Parry documentary with the theme tune to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air playing over it! How amusing.

Rounds comprise of pick the category, guess the year, and a set-up very similar to that of 20 questions. It feels very tired. Change the newish TV clips to older ones and flashy young presenter to Noel Edmonds and you get 90s TV show Telly Addicts.

Despite all this it is nigh on impossible not to join in the quick-fire round.

TV for the hungover/unimaginative.

Leonie Mercedes