The Street Review: Bob’s Your Uncle

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THE STREET: Monday 13th July, BBC1, 9pm Alert Me

Set in the town of many accents, The Street tells the ordinary stories of its residents.

The first episode of the third season shows us that arguing over the smallest thing can have the biggest consequences and that pride is sometimes worth getting whacked in the face for.

Pub owner and sweet natured geezer Paddy, played by Bob Hoskins, bars the son of a local gangster and incurs his wrath.

OK, wrath might be too strong a word but under the magnifying glass that is The Street, the intricacies of everyday life seem huge. When no-one in the community stands up to help Paddy out, he decides to face the bad guy alone.

It’s reminiscent of a Wild West shootout, but with lager and baseball bats.

If I could, I think I’d pick up Bob Hoskins and put him in my pocket. Whenever I need advice I could just pull him out and have him speak to me in his gruff but soothing voice. Like a Koala Bear that’s going bald, Bob Hoskins has such warmth on the screen you instantly want him to be your dad.

The villain, Tommy, is played convincingly by Liam Cunningham, so much so that it’s almost hard to believe that Paddy would really stand up to him instead of wetting himself then running away.

Paddy’s loyal wife, Lizzie, is played by Frances Barber, whose CV is as long as your arm but you couldn’t name her if you saw her, which is a shame because she’s great to watch.

At just an hour long, it holds your attention and doesn’t give you the chance to get bored, but you get the feeling that given more time it would have run out of things to say.

The Street doesn’t have a continuous narrative and showcases different characters every episode, but I think the characters were good enough to see again later on in the series.

Emily Moulder