The Lowdown: Thing You Never Knew About John Barrowman

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Scottish-born Broadway star and advocate of Botox, John Barrowman doesn’t appear to be much of an enigma.

His vibrant personality, successful forays into musical theatre, and his role as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood have cemented him as a national treasure (though we’ll forget about that car crash Tonight’s the Night).

Behind that Hollywood smile however lurks a past you wouldn’t believe.

In celebration of the new series of Torchwood, showing nightly on BBC1 until Friday, we bring you 10 things you might not have known about him.

1. His first paid role as an actor was as an extra in 1987’s The Untouchables, the bit in the police academy where Sean Connery recruits Andy Garcia. “It was a nightmare because Sean Connery wasn’t very nice and the assistant director shouted a lot and was rude to the extras. I went home early,” he recalls.

2. He made the final three in casting for the role of Will in Will and Grace, but was rejected for playing the part “not gay enough?.

3. Remember Live and Kicking? Yes? He presented the Electric Circus segment in it, which reported technology news. Remember that? Us neither.

4. He was the subject/guinea pig of the BBC’s 2008 documentary “The Making of Me?, in which he looks at whether homosexuality is a product of nature or nurture.

5. Cult hit and post-watershed Torchwood spun off kiddie Doctor Who following the popularity of Barrowman’s character, the immortal and pansexual Captain Jack Harkness, after whom he later named his pet Jack Russell.

6. Last December he got his willy out during a Radio 1 interview after being asked by Nick Grimshaw about his fondness for flashing. He later apologised for the incident, as the interview was captured on webcam.

7. He recently revealed he would like to have a threesome with David and Victoria Beckham, saying: “the day I meet them I’ll flirt outrageously, then I would even have sex with her just to say I have. Actually, I’d want him to join in too!?

8. Barrowman considers himself a “hardcore” collector of movie and sci-fi memorabilia. A lifelong fan of Doctor Who, he confessed to having nicked a few bits off the set, including all the bullets he shot at a Dalek, and had a full-sized replica of the Dalek in question made for his collection.

9. As Torchwood’s adult theme misses the market for children’s action figures, Barrowman suggested that they should make sex toys instead.

10. He once soiled himself on stage in the middle of a dance number in a play. Thinking it was just a botty burp after a bout of upset stomach, he released his bowels, kicking his effluent onto two extremely unlucky members of the audience. The show must go on, right?

Leonie Mercedes