Only Fools & Horses Prequel Announced (Did They Learn Nothing From The Green Green Grass?)

July 6, 2009 by  
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It’s been a while since we last saw Delboy and Rodney but they’re coming back.

Well, sort of.

A prequel episode set in the 60s will chronicle the early life of the Trotter boys and their parents; loving mother Joan and useless Reg, as well as a safe cracking friend, Freddie Robdal. Word has it that we’ll also be seeing the pubescent versions of Boycie, Denzil and Trigger.

Finally we’ll get to see the birth of Boycie’s magnificent tash.

The special will be a co-production between the between the BBC and comedy genius John Sullivan’s production company Shazam Productions. Sullivan says of the show, “The drama will feature South London at its least glamorous, where money was scarce, the staple diet was rock salmon and chips, and the flicks offer the only hint of glamour.?

Sounds, er, depressing.

After the “success” (never have quotation marks been so damning) of The Green Green Grass there may be room to have an ongoing spinoff, but will it have the same magic without David Jason?

Sullivan thinks there’s definitely a story to tell: “It will give us a bit of an insight into why Del and Rodney turned out they way they did.”

As far as casting goes, Nicholas Lyndhurst is on the verge of signing on to play Reg. Filming starts this August and is set to air in 2010.