Four Weddings Review: Come Whine With Me

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Come on Eileen, taloo-rye-aye…

Four Weddings sees four very different brides attend each other’s very different weddings which they then score, creating a winner who gets a luxury honeymoon.

Yes, the format is very similar to that of the cult-turned-mainstream Come Dine With Me, and like its Channel 4 counterpart, the show certainly satisfies any nosy tendencies.

Considering it is the wedding, ie., a visual manifestation of the bridal ego being judged, the proceedings should get bitchy.

Disappointingly however, it doesn’t. The in-fighting is tame and the voiceover doesn’t have the same pithiness as Come Dine’s crucial commentator Dave Lamb, but it’s worth watching for the strange ceremonies the couples cook up alone.

There’s ceremonies in caves and late-night games of British Bulldog, and of course there’s a masterclass in enforced tackiness; the Macarena, flashings of back cleavage and, gulp, Chris de Burgh.

Actually, the show ends up dragging you in like the typical suburban wedding when the Macarena comes on. You know you shouldn’t, and under normal circumstances you wouldn’t. But you do it anyway and you love every hip-swivelling moment.

Four Weddings is what you expect it to be, which is all you’d want it to be, really.

But who doesn’t love a good wedding?

Leonie Mercedes

Elle says:

Series eight what a nasty piece of work Jane is I am so disappointed she won maybe when they all watch it back they will see what a horrid nasty Madame she is and I am being polite…. Miss perfect I think not she is so vile it’s unreal!!!!!……