Sold?: Coca Cola’s Animal Organ

July 3, 2009 by  
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I’m all for creativity when it comes to advertising. And of course the more “out there” the premise, the more memorable the ad. But as this new publicity for Coca Cola just goes to show you can fall foul of trying a bit too hard.

I can almost imagine them brainstorming this idea, possibly having opened up a few big tins of varnish and turning off the air-con, just to get them in the “creative mood.”

“Yeah, and he’s pushing this, like, organ thing up to the top of the hill….”

“And he’s, like, where the Tellytubbies live dressed like a Victorian wizard.”

“Oh my God, I can see little furry monsters singing.. and it’s, like beautiful.”

“Quick, open the window, I want to fly to my house!”

Or maybe the acid-tinged scenes are a reference to the effect the drink has on kid’s teeth?

The up-side to the ad is clearly the groovy new tune composed especially by Calvin Harris which helps take some of the edge off the cynical hijacking of freewheeling psychedelia and good vibes to push a tooth-rotting brown syrup onto artless youngsters.

But of course, that’s what they WANT me to think…

Gizmo says:

Not quite sure if gremlins on acid makes me want to drink coke…