Gerry’s Big Decision Review: The Not-So-Secret Millionaire

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GERRY’S BIG DECISION: Thursday 2nd July, Channel 4, 9pm Alert Me

Apparently in Britain today hundreds of businesses are going bust because of something called a “recession�.

Enter Sir Gerry Robinson, a warm, pink Santa Claus of a man (sans big beard) and business mogul willing to invest hundreds of thousands of his own pounds into some of these ailing companies to get them back on their feet.

In this competition of misfortunes, the not-so-secret-millionaire must decide whether to invest in one, both, or neither of the businesses in each programme.

This week Gerry is visiting a pair of breweries. Itchen Valley Brewery is an award-winning maker of real ales whose name is a little misleading as they aren’t actually brewing at the moment. They’ve run out of hops and can’t afford to buy any more.

Gerry takes a look around the brewery with furrowed brow in place to an orchestral soundtrack that plops along like, well, a drunk staggering home from the pub.

It is immediately clear there are management issues. One employee, Head Brewer Rob, calls it “non-existent�, and this is well illustrated by a sign on the office wall “If your reading this than you are not working� (sic).

Rob later comments darkly that there is not even any chance of a company piss-up. Why? Because they’re not brewing any beer.

It shouldn’t be funny but it is.

But they pile on the tension: “Without Gerry’s investment the brewery will die, the workforce will lose their jobs and Malcolm and Jane will lose everything� says the voiceover. God, I hope they get the money.

Meanwhile in Devon, O’Hanlon’s “Best brew in the world� is in hot water. The stakes are equally high for head honchos John and Liz. They don’t seem to have done anything wrong, it just doesn’t seem fair.

Suddenly it’s not so funny. Gerry’s Big Decision brings into sharp focus the dire situation so many people are in. It’s sad how something so external to them, this “recessionâ€?, can destroy so much.

I hope they get the money too.

Though what Gerry seems to do, with his Good Nick spirit, is inject the workforces of the breweries with some confidence, which is as vital as a financial crutch, and seeing everyone pull together and sharpen their act is splendid viewing.

So who does get the money? And do the folks at Itchen Valley get their piss-up? Tune in on Thursday to find out.

Leonie Mercedes

Karen Fulton says:

Gerry’s big decision is fantastic! This man seems to be such a gentleman but very straight to the point.

I would love to work for him!