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What do Will Ferrell and Bear Grylls have in common? As you probably guessed, not a hell of a lot but we got a kick out of seeing them together in their recent special, Bear Grylls Meets Will Ferrell: Born Survivor.

For seemingly no reason at all, these two went trekking around Northern Sweden for a couple of days. Bear provided the hardcore ‘I’m a real man’ survival techniques while Will provided a bit of comedy. Not an easy feat while your funny bone is covered in frostbite.

We enjoyed this odd little combo and their boys own adventure and so in Carrie Bradshaw style, we couldn’t help but wonder… what other strange friendships would bloom if unlikely pals were stuck on a TV show together?

So in honour of this weird celebrity mashup, we’ve made a list of TV combos we’d like to see. Read More…

Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel Review: Fuller Ambition

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ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HOTEL: Friday 31st July, BBC1, 10:35pm Alert Me

We’re half-way through the first episode of Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel when we find out that someone committed suicide while working in Mark Fuller’s finance department. This does not come as a surprise.

Here is an entrepreneur that wants things just so – and to hell with the financial consequences. Obviously that changes slightly when he finds out that he is the best part of £2m over budget.

This crazy programme is the first of three which track the progress of Fuller’s ambitious bid to open one of the world’s most exclusive celebrity hotels in the centre of London. The onset of the most viscous recessions ever spices things up adequately.

At first I am unable to decide if I want him to succeed or not.

The project is already nearly nine months behind schedule, and it’s not long before we find out why. Read More…

The Kevin Bishop Show Review: Comedy Skit & Miss

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THE KEVIN BISHOP SHOW REVIEW: Friday 31st July,  Channel 4, 10pm Alert Me

By definition, sketch shows almost always fall into the hit-and-miss category – it’s just a question of what ratio they can manage.

Kevin Bishop’s latest series lands slap-bang in the middle of the comedy highway – refreshing in parts, but equally bland in others.

Making someone laugh is not easy. I manage it every day as I stumble half-asleep onto some part of the tube, but generally the comedy rule is that if it wasn’t intentional, it doesn’t count. In shows where performers parody TV and celebrity culture, because we have nearly always seen it before, the task is slightly harder.

Bishop is a competent impressionist, but what we’re really after is something which seems familiar yet delivers the unexpected. In its early exchanges this show looks like it might achieve this, but ultimately it fell as short as a hung-over commuter on the circle line. Read More…

How The Other Half Live Review: Friends With Benefits

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HOW THE OTHER HALF LIFE: Thursday 30th July, Channel 4, 9pm Alert Me

After the Secret Millionaire, it’s not a shock anymore to see rich folks handing out cheques to the poor people of Britain.

But this time there’s no secret about the kindness of strangers as a rich family decide to sponsor a poorer family from London over two months.

The Brotherstons are a wealthy middle class family have chosen to send the Gumpos, a poor family from West London, financial support and special gifts to improve the quality of their lives.

The generous family are your typical middle class white people; socially aware and wealthy to point where they wouldn’t know a penny if it hit them in the face. They’ve decided to participate in this little social experiment because they can afford to. Alright for some, eh? Read More…

Double Jeopardy Review: Jeremy Kyle For Snobs

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2.5DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Thursday 30th July, BBC1, 10:35pm Alert Me

In the early hours of a January morning in 1997 66-year-old Hazel Backwell was beaten, robbed and raped in her home, to be left for dead in a cupboard.

Compelling DNA evidence was produced in court, however as it was sourced illegally and therefore “inadmissible?, the attacker Wendell Baker was acquitted, and continues to walk free.

The 800-year-old Double Jeopardy rule meant that Baker could never be tried again for the crime, though in 2005, prompted by the Stephen Lawrence case, this rule was abolished.

In this programme reporter Richard Bilton attempts to have this case reopened and Baker retried in the light of the new rules.

It’s a noble idea, unfortunately the documentary is executed poorly and in bad taste. It opens on a dramatisation of the events that took place on that night in January, disturbing footage the rest of the documentary is needlessly peppered with. Read More…

‘Enders Dot’s Days Numbered

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Eastenders legend June Brown has expressed concern that Beeb bosses may drop her Dot Cotton character to save money.

She told The Sun that they would turn her character into a hate figure before killing her off, after 24 years on the Square.

She said: “The public always equate the character to the actor – and then everyone says, ‘Oh I don’t like him at all – I’ll be glad to when he’s gone’. They ease it in. You’re in the hands of the Gods”.

Brown is one of the highest paid stars on Eastenders, taking £370,000 a year for playing Dot. But this is paid pro rata, and depends on how many episodes she appears in.

The 82-year-old is currently on a break from the soap, appearing nude in West End play Calendar Girls. Props to June.

Deadliest Warrior To Air On Bravo

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If you tuned into the first episode of Charlie Brooker’s latest TV outing “You Have Been Watching?, you would have no doubt been outraged, offended and maybe a little titillated by a little TV offering named “Deadliest Warrior?, whereby famous warriors from history are pitted against each other in a hypothetical battle to the death, using modern science and CGI technology.

Yes, it’s American.

If you were titillated (and how couldn’t you be by a five-a-side clash between the Taliban and IRA), it will strike you as great news that the rights to Deadliest Warrior have been secured by UK spunk network Bravo.

The series will form part of Bravo’s Autumn schedule. Spin-off programme Deadliest Warrior: The Aftermath will air on Bravo’s website, where viewers can discuss the battles.

The series originally aired on the US’s men-only Spike TV, and attracted more than 1.7 million viewers, giving the network its highest-ever ratings among the male 18-34 demographic for an unscripted series premiere.

We Are Klang Review: We Are Bored

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WE ARE KLANG: Thursday 30th July, BBC3, 10:30pm Alert Me

An audience participation sitcom with musical numbers, We Are Klang is set in the fictional town of Klangbury and follows the rubbish efforts of the local councillors.

The first episode follows Greg, Steve and Marek as they try and come up with a way to fund a new Fire department, so they put together a variety show. Slapstick and off the wall comedy ensues.

Angry giant, Greg Davies, plays the hapless leader of the group. You know it, I know it: he looks like Rik Mayall Read More…

Alan Carr To Team Up With Susan Boyle

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Alan Carr has revealed that he is keen to team up with Susan Boyle for a new TV project.

The camp comedian believes that the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up could be the perfect replacement for his former screen partner Justin Lee Collins.

In an interview with Star magazine, Carr explained: “I always get on with women more than men, so maybe me and SuBo would work. Now that Richard & Judy are gone it could be Alan & Su.?

Initial estimates are that the make-up department required for such a show would be nearly four times larger than what is normal for a programme of its kind.

Carr added that Boyle was also welcome to appear on his Channel 4 show, Chatty Man.

“I enjoyed Britain’s Got Talent, but it got a bit scary when Susan hitched up her skirt. She’d have to come on with someone – I don’t mean a carer,? he added hastily.

Apparently nearing the final stages of his plan to besmirch his reputation beyond any repair, the chat show host explained: “Maybe we could put her with the dancing granddad, we’d clump them together and get some sense out of them.?

Some say that people will watch anything these days. Maybe we’re about to find out if that really is true…

BB10 Least Watched Since Series Began

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Figures confirmed today that this year’s series of Big Brother is the least watched since the reality show began.

This series had its lowest rated episode, beginning with the second least watched launch show since its beginning in 2000. The eviction of Angel McKenzie saw the show’s lowest ever rated Friday episode.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “Channel 4 is focusing on producing and broadcasting an enjoyable and entertaining series. Big Brother 10 is performing strongly relative to our usual rating in the slot, and it retains a loyal, young audience, with the 16-34 profile for the show up on last year.”

Could these meagre figures signal an end to the franchise that is Big Brother? We’re not bargaining on it.

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