Simon Cowell Quits(?) X-Factor, ITV panics

June 29, 2009 by  
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Put those fears of Tesco taking over the world to bed. It appears today that the force that is Simon Cowell is gathering speed.

You may have heard earlier last week that Cowell’s “golden handcuffs? contract with ITV will be ending at the end of this year, and the next series of love-it-or-hate-it X Factor will be his last.

Cowell is to create a partnership with retail genius Sir Philip Green to create and sell all-new TV formats across the world.

Hang on, formats? Plural?

Let’s take a look at Cowell’s grand oeuvre of reality television: X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent… Oh, and he was in Pop Idol before that. You could say they have subtle differences. But hasn’t the cashcow of plucking a random from obscurity, dressing them up, making them sing, granting them a Christmas No. 1 only to send them straight back to obscurity been milked dry?

It has been suggested that Green’s “endgame? is to buy ITV.

Be very afraid.