Charlie Brooker To Host ‘Gameswipe’ (woohoo!)

June 25, 2009 by  
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Television reviewing royalty and lost prophet for our media muddled times Charlie Brooker is to fall back onto his first passion, gaming, his next television series Gameswipe.

Announcing the joyful news via his Twitter feed, even the notoriously acerbic presenter couldn’t repress his little kid at Christmas feelings, tweeting: “Gameswipe is happening, yes. More on that nearer the time.”

Brooker is a successful and some what cult presenter and newspaper columnist whose TV has a huge following as does his column the Guardian’s G2.

If the content of Brooker’s other BBC Four shows, Screenwipe and Newswipe, are any indication of what to expect from his forthcoming opus, there will be laughs, gripes and thought provoking satire.

Excited isn’t the word.

Jez Sands says:

Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes! I know I write for the site and everything but I had to post. Most excited I’ve been for ages!