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Conservative American media is up in arms at the airing of a viral Bud Light advert in which a guy attempts to buy a porn mag (‘Tongue in Cheeks’) at the same time as a six-pack of his favourite brewski.

Unlikely but amusing coincidences unfold into a Larry David-esque cringe-fest involving an old female colleague, a free vibrator and a hold-up which ends with the hapless bloke on the national news dubbed “local porno buyer�.

Well as the old joke goes – I build a thousand bridges, but do they call me Paddy the bridge builder? No. But you shag one sheep…

Time magazine have said that the ad marks “some kind of cultural tipping point, where pornography has soaked so far into the fabric of mainstream culture that it’s no longer seen as a stainâ€? but surely that’s a massive over exaggeration.

The very point that buying porn is taboo is what makes the joke funny. If this weren’t seen as risqué endeavour, there’d be no joke.

Regardless of its appropriateness, Bud aren’t saying “Our consumers like porn�, they’re saying “Our consumers might remember this because it’s funny� – that’s how viral marketing works.

Surely the biggest question is why he was buying a magazine in the first place, when everyone knows and long-running West End/Broadway muppet musical Avenue Q so merrily sings “The internet is for porn�.]

If that wasn’t controversial enough, how about this entirely brain-dead advert for Oven Pride that’s been labelled the ‘sexist advert ever made’? Check out our regular Sold? column for more amusing and litigation-enraging adverts….

Meh says:

The ad’s not even that funny… maybe unless you’re 15 and can’t buy beer anyway? It could have been shorter and punchier.