David Cross Writing Channel 4 Comedy With ‘Dream Team’ Cast

June 23, 2009 by  
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david cross210x300Oh our giddy aunts.

As if our unhealthy obsession with all things Arrested Development wasn’t bad enough (we’re still trying to get over the news that it’s definitely being turned into a movie), it just gets better.

David Cross (or Tobias Funke as we know him) has announced that he has written a pilot for a UK comedy show called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.

And it gets better! The stars are set to be Will Arnett (he of Gob Bluth Arrested-fame and Blades of Glory), creative uber-mind Spike Jonze and OTB’s favourite man of the moment Being Human’s Russell Tovey.

Cross told the LA Times: “I shot a pilot for Channel 4. And it’ll air, I believe, in December. When we picture-lock on Friday, it will be almost two years to the day that I was first approached by those guys. The cast is a crazy dream team.”

The show will follow a US exec who is mistakenly sent to run his company’s UK arm, and finds himelf way over his head.

We think we just blue ourselves.