Yo Gabba Gabba Review: Rock n Roly Poly

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32yo_gabba_gabba300x210YO GABBA GABBA, Monday 15th June, Nick Jnr, 2:30pm Alert Me

I think I would find it impossible to be a children’s TV presenter without a certain amount of dark sarcasm.

There’s something about having to be sincere whilst dressed up like a complete pillock that would cause me to stare unblinking into the mirror in my dressing room for quite a long time afterwards. No wonder Richard Bacon went off the rails.

Yo Gabba Gabba is the latest production from Nick Jr. featuring DJ Lance, who looks like Moss from the IT Crowd dressed up in an orange leotard and buzzby, neatly fulfilling the “dressed up like a pillock? criterion instantly. He presides like a sort of omnipotent god over the colourful town below.

The world is populated by Brobee – a green, striped version of Grimace from the old McDonalds adverts that looks like he’s had his arms broken and various other brightly coloured dancing creatures – Muno the red cyclops, Foofa – a pink, flowery… thing and Plex the Robot. Yo Gabba Gabba fills our screens with a mixture of songs that will get pre-schoolers dancing. There’s a nice mix of song genres, so kids will be exposed to different types of music and the songs are catchy enough for them to stick in your head.

First episode “Birthday? features the Ting Tings of all people. It’s nice to have some celebrity faces but pre-schoolers are going to have no idea who they are – the only fathomable reason they’re there is to appeal to late-rising student demographic that often catch these kind of shows (and are usually stoned enough to find it fascinating).

Melora Hardin (she of the American Office fame) makes a brief appearance too but spends most of the time looking embarrassed, which is fair enough if you’re trying to look like you’re enjoying yourself while dancing with a load of puppets.

Still, it’s perfectly harmless pre-school entertainment with bright colours, recognisable characters and catchy songs.

Students are setting the Sky Plus as we speak.

Jez Sands