Jordan & Andre Sign Separate Reality Shows (Groan)

June 15, 2009 by  
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In possibly the most crass marketing move in history, Katie Price and Peter Andre have signed up for rival reality shows.

The couple split last month after nearly four years of marriage and have agreed separate deals with ITV which will document their new single lives.

“We’re already filming the show. I’ve just followed Peter to Macau in China, which was absolutely amazing,” said Andre’s representative Claire Powell. “It did him the world of good, and it was so nice to see him smile again.”

A spokesperson for Price, who left Powell’s management in May, added: “Katie has signed a separate deal and will be filming her own show.”

It’s likely that both programmes will also document the former couple as they go through their divorce proceedings. Surely that’s like filming a documentary about flogging a dead horse and then a subsequently filming another one about its carcass becoming glue and dog food.