ITV Cancels ‘Tricera-flop’ Primeval

June 15, 2009 by  
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ITV has cancelled its Dino-bashing sci-fi drama Primeval.

A inside source claimed that the drama won’t be back for a fourth series despite ITV claiming that the show hadn’t been axed.

“Basically ITV have changed their policy about drama before 9pm in that they’ve decided they really don’t want any, at least not of the quality and cost of Primeval” the insider told Total Sci-Fi.

What exactly have they been spending the budget on you have to wonder?  Clearly not the special effects which look like something acted out with models nicked from the Natural History Museum.

“At the point where we finished the third series, we had every reason to believe we would be doing a fourth. Had we known there was any likelihood of cancellation, clearly we wouldn’t have left half the cast marooned up a tree in the distant past. We can understand that some fans might be frustrated by this ending and we’re sorry for that.”

The source went on to talk about future plans for the series: “Some fans may know that there are ongoing talks for both a film and a North American series version of Primeval and if and when those projects come to fruition, we will make every effort to carry on the story in a suitable way.”

Perhaps with an injection of cash from a major movie studio, Primeval will look less like a 50s B-movie.  Watch this space.