My Name Is Earl Cancelled – Why, God, Why?!

June 12, 2009 by  
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We have only just recovered from our SuBo Priory-related sympathy pains (mentally we’ve been in rehab for weeks, it freakin’ stinks!). In our commitment to the cause we have lived in nothing but thin potato gruel, and lemon maple syrup water. Now we look like Beyonce in Dreamgirls, but feel like warm, soggy poop.

So of course it would have to be now that the evil TV demons from Hell have decided to kick us whilst we’re down.

While we reported on its potential for survival the other week, My Name Is Earl has now been officially, once and for all, no-hope-of-returning cancelled. The love affair is over. Will Catalina and Randy ever get married and have beautifully stupid babies? Will Joy ever get classy? Will Earl finish ticking things off the list and when he does, what happens then?

We will just have to use our imaginations, which right now are in such a poor state after out recent lack of nutrition that all we can do is dribble and hold our hands up in disbelief.

Life is not fair.