Mum reveals the F-Word for Fibber Ramsay

June 11, 2009 by  
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Temperamental, sweary, bum-chinned TV cook Gordon Ramsay was forced to turn to the last place of refuge for a naughty school boy when recently confronted about his behaviour in Oz – his mum.

During a televised apology for an outburst in which he referred to Aussie daytime TV royalty Tracy Grimshaw as a pig, Ramsay revealed that it was his mother who forced him to say sorry.

But, Ramsay’s mother Helen has now stepped into the fray by revealing that she did no such thing.

She told The Sun; “I haven’t spoken to Gordon since the weekend. He calls every Saturday for a chat. But I certainly didn’t tell him off about what he did in Australia. I won’t be speaking to him until this Saturday.?

After his typically tactless attack on Grimshaw, Ramsay was branded “a new form of lowlife? by Australia’s PM Kevin Rudd.