The Todd Must Pay: Scrubs Star Attacks Barman

June 9, 2009 by  
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the-todd-744765210x300When one thinks of Robert “The Todd” Maschio from Scrubs getting in a fight, what your Cheerio-addled mind would conjure up may feature some sort of thong catapult, followed by a series of Violent Fives but really, how could he?! He’s the Todd, he’s all about the (inappropriate) love!

We were shocked and appalled to hear that our fornicating friend allegedly attacked bartender Tom Binder, grabbing him by the necktie and causing Binder to choke. Now Maschio is facing assault and battery charges. Which begs the question, how would one slap down a Prison-Five?!

Even worse, The Todd was not in a seedy bar when the offence occurred but making an appearance at a Make-A-Wish Foundation charity event. That’s got to be sinking to an all time low – to quote Mrs Lovejoy from the Simpsons, “Will someone please think about the children!”

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