Yasmina’s Sweet New Job With Sugar

June 8, 2009 by  
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In a final twist of what has already been a gripping series, 27-year-old restaurant owner Yasmina Siadatan emerged victorious to become Sir Alan Sugar’s latest apprentice.

The all female finale of the popular BBC series, which features contestants performing tests set by Sir Alan to demonstrate their business acumen, was almost too close to call.

But according to Suuuuralan, his eventual decision to hire Siadatan over rival contestant Kate Walsh was based on “gut instinct.”

In the ultimate episode of the show the finalists were charged with the task of developing and marketing a new brand of chocolate, with the assistance of previous contestants.

Siadatan’s creation Cocoa Electric, included flavours such as basil with strawberry, and popping candy and chilli.

Speaking after being proclaimed Sugar’s new apprentice Siadatan admitted making “some quite serious errors” during the televised selection process.

But she said she thought these mistakes may have had a positive effect of endearing her to Sir Alan.

“Maybe I’ve shown him that even though I’ve got this real confidence and real strength in some areas, I’ve also got a side of me that is slightly insecure and slightly unsure and I will make mistakes,” she said.