Time Warp Exclusive Clip!

June 8, 2009 by  
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For anyone expecting singing transvestites and Meat Loaf, we might as well let you know now this isn’t a sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What it is however, is something potentially cooler and more mind blowing than that.

We’ve got an exclusive clip of Discovery’s latest show which breaks down some of life’s more fleeting moments into beautiful, HD slow-mo. Check it out below!

What really happens when a person gets punched in the face or you get hit by a water balloon, or when a piece of raw chicken is blown up? These ordinary events (except maybe the exploding chicken!) reveal some extraordinary hidden attributes on Discovery Channel’s brand new series, Time Warp, where an amazing, unseen world comes to light through high-speed digital photography.

Premiering Mondays at 9.00pm and 9.30pm from 15th June, Time Warp uses state of the art camera equipment and editing techniques to enable viewers to see and appreciate things that are normally beyond our senses because they take place much too quickly or slowly. Host Jeff Lieberman, an MIT teacher and scientist with a background in Maths, Physics and Robotics, demonstrates what really happens with every crack, fissure and crash. A punch in the face, the break of a matchstick – each frame tells an extraordinary story of what really is happening.