The Lowdown: Things You Didn’t Know About Davina McCall

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The arrival of another series of Big Brother brings with it the usual gaggle of fame-hungry freaks happy to degrade themselves in front of the nation in return for a mention in Hello.

As the media frenzy reaches fever pitch, the queen bee herself, Davina McCall, stands astride the spectacle cracking the whip like a ring master keeping the masses entertained.

Men want her and women want her to be their new bessie, but what really makes the McCallster tick? Here’s what we found out.

1. Far from being born a model of perfection, McCall was heavily dependent on drugs throughout her twenties.

2. She is currently in her second marriage, to Mathew Robertson who she met while walking her dog.

3. Davina’s slightly dirty posh voice earned her a job as the sarcastic voice dubber on the first series of Channel 4’s Eurotrash way back in 1993.

4. At the tender age of 19, when he probably should have known better, Davina dated raspy guitar legend Eric Clapton.

5. Being of a quality pedigree McCall attended the Godolphin and Latymer Girls School, a famous independent school in Hammersmith, London, whose alumni include celebrity students Nigella Lawson, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Kate Beckinsale.

6. Davina is an advocate of home birth and actually squeezed all three of her own brood out within the confines of her own home.

7. Along with Holly Willoughby, Davina is the bookies’ joint favourite to take up presenting a revived Blind Date, a position famously held by squeaky squirrel-alike Cilla Black.

8. Kinky McCall admitted on national TV that she once had her nipples pierced but removed the rings to breastfeed. Her children, presumably.

9. Not adverse to a little pain, Davina has several tattoos which includes horns on her hips, a rose on her wrist and an alien on her arse.

10. Despite being an enormously famous and much loved presenter, McCall isn’t adverse to a bit of self-mockery, agreeing to be eaten alive by hungry zombies in Charlie Brooker’s excellent Big Brother parody Dead Set.

Jack McKay

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