The Life and Times of Tim Review: A Bit Two Dimensional

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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM, Tuesday 9th June, Virgin 1, 10.00pm ALERT ME

Awkward humour is officially in!

Since Ricky Gervais pioneered the use of toe-curling, can’t-look conversation-killing character comedy in this country, everyone from schoolboys to office workers have built a deadpan awkward bombshell into their comedy repertoire.

And it appears that with The Office going Stateside and becoming a resounding success, so its axis of awkward has struck a chord.

The Life and Times of Tim is essentially a vehicle for taking that comedy ball and running with it – until you realise it’s not a ball at all but your new girlfriend’s grandma’s colostomy bag which you have to return, covered in her own excrement.

You get the idea.

Because I’m such a fan of taking an unfortunate situation to it’s embarrassing zenith, I found myself really enjoying The Life and Times of Tim. Once you’ve grasped the basic premise – Tim is an everyman for whom things never seem to go right, despite his best intentions – then you know what you’re going to get from each fifteen minute episode.

Although the set up to each situation is written well enough to draw you in, you’re never really under any illusions as to where it’s going. And therein lies the limitation of this show, you can see what’s coming a mile off.

From a lesser writer The Life and Times of Tim wouldn’t last more than a couple of episodes before becoming stale. Fortunately, however, writer/director and voice of Tim, Steve Dilderian, has enough wit and originality to pull of something quite good.

It’s not going to change your life, but you will probably be glad it’s not as bad as Tim’s.

Jack McKay

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