Big Brother 10: Beinazir Booted

June 8, 2009 by  
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And so it begins!

The blood-eyed monolithic beast that is Big Brother has been awoken and sluggishly rises to claim the first victim of many to come.

The baying, sorry, voting public decreed that Beinazir should be the first person to be non-evicted from the Big Brother house after failing to gain housemate status.

Late night viewers voted for which of the remaining non-housemates they wanted to save from the boot and with only 6.8% of the vote Beinazir became the first person to leave Big Brother 10.

Dressed in a blanket, Beinazir was tragically greeted by no-one else but Davina – there being no crowd present to cheer or jeer.

In a brief interview, Beinazir said: “It could have been any one of us. They were all different people.

“It’s been fun though, everything’s been fun.?

Keep telling yourself that, love.