OntheBox First Ever Podcast – Big Brother Special

June 4, 2009 by  
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Because you demanded it – and by your tens of tens, we might add – here is the first ever OntheBox podcast, a feature we hope to run on a weekly basis in a bid to bring you all the latest news, gossip and reviews from the week’s biggest TV and Film releases.

In honour of BB10, we’ve dedicated this first episode to the rumours and insider gossip we’ve become privy to here at Base OTB.

A World Exclusive first about Big Brother The Musical (yes, really). BB1’s Craig slagging off Jade Goody? The new housemates forced to swallow fish guts for survival? The Queen drunkenly vomiting onto the Diary Room chair?


Join the Editor Matt Risley and Staff Writer Sally McIlhone as we dissect the phenomenon that is…. BIG BROTHER!