Jade Goody Slammed By BB1’s Craig

June 1, 2009 by  
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Surprise, surprise: the posthumous Jade-bashing has begun and who better to kick things off than Geordie Don of DIY, Craig Phillips.

But why exactly is Craig getting all antsy with our Goody following her untimely passing? Well, apparently he was bursting to tell us that during their time together on Channel Five’s pseudo-celeb showdown Back To Reality (where the contestants were forced to endure a harrowing, punishing regime of…um…living in a house with no sunlight. How truly painful), Goody was “an absolute nightmare”.

Well, duh, tell us something we didn’t know.

Still OTB salutes Craig for his open honesty. Where as many Jade-haters started kissing major ass in the lead up to her wedding and funeral, Craig has remained true to himself, admitting that after her difficult demeanor and confrontational attitude: “I was never a friend of Jade”.

Phillips has also jumped to the defence of Big Bro after ratings concerns in the lead up to BB10 this Thursday.

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