Jordan and Andre Car Crash = Ratings Gold

May 26, 2009 by  
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It seems we all love a good car crash, don’t we? And before you gasp in horror and pretend that the thought of slowing down as you drive by a lifeless figure being stretchered into the back of an ambulance on the M1 makes you physically sick, understand that Katie & Peter: Stateside pulled in its highest ever audience last night, according to early ratings figures.

That’s right, celebrityland’s latest slo-mo, head-on mutli-angle break-up has us all surreptitiously rubber necking at 15 mph as the twisted wreckage of their marriage burns at the side of the road.

In the wake of their impending divorce, Sunday night’s 9pm episode pulled in 1.44m viewers for ITV2, with a further 260k tuning in on timeshift. That’s higher than last week’s previous high for the series.

However, with the news that Jordan is to appear on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross this week, I can only assume that’s her walking unscathed out of the flames Terminator 2 style…