Jonathan Ross To Interview Jordan/Katie Price

May 25, 2009 by  
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Professional blow-up doll Katie Price is set to “reveal allâ€? surrounding her iconic, life-changing and reality-shattering split from professional ‘Warbling Action Man’ (in shops soon) Peter Andre in an interview with Jonathan Ross.

Proving that his widespread exploitation of Britain’s talentless, cerebrally decrepid, publicity hungry no-stars doesn’t merely extend to the elderly, this week’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross will provide Price the forum to air her personal dirty laundry in public once more.

Because the autobiographies, blog posts, press releases, reality shows, perfume launches and magazine shoots just don’t get the message across, it seems.

Ross’ production company Hotsauce TV stated that Price will speak for the first time on television about the split and her hopes for the future.

No doubt it will be chock full of the pathos and gravitas we’ve come to expect from the glamour model.

Sample quote from her second autobiography (Jordan: A Whole New World for those compiling your Jordan Philosophy notebooks): Peter Andre’s manhood was ‘cockalicious’.