Susan Boyle Mania Hits The Simpsons

May 21, 2009 by  
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It has been a crazy few weeks for our hairy Scottish belle, a meteroric rise on YouTube (with 100 million views and counting), a radical makeover/OAP discount perm and an explosion of press from all corners of the globe.

The logical next step – a riotous ribbing from the murky underbelly of cartoonland. First to enter the ring is South Park, where Ike mocks Susan’s fame and tears a few lumps out of our Highland Honey.

Now, Homer is jumping on the bandwagon, but fear not – everyone’s favourite drunken pea-brain pays tribute to Susan when competing in Springfield’s Got Talent and singing in front of Mr Superhigh Trousers himself, Simon Cowell.

What’s next – Stewy plotting to toast our Susan on Family Guy?!