My Name Is Earl Axed? Maybe Not….

May 21, 2009 by  
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One of the more shocking victims of the annual US network cull has been My Name Is Earl. While we never really gave it the kind of rabid fan-love as other cult shows, we can’t deny holding a soft spot for the machiavelli/super mario-moustachioed karmic repenter.

But, as is the way with rabid fan-love, a ‘Save Earl’ campaign has sprung up in a last-ditch (read: no hope) attempt to persuade bosses otherwise.

Randy (or Ethan Supplee as he’s known in the real world) posted a Twitter urging Fox to reconsider their decision, and now The Sun reports that a full-on campaign has been started.

While it’s certainly a sweet thought, trust us – we’ve loved Firefly and Pushing Daisies. We picketed, we e-mailed, we may even have sent some rather indiscriminate dog poop in an envelope.

Once those autonomous networkers have pulled the plug, all you can do is sit back and enjoy your last fleeting moments together.

R.I.P Earl.

To take a gander at those other shows ‘On the Bubble’ (i.e., cancelled/mercifully saved) check out our previous news article here….

Ryan beales says:

Why did they axe it, there was tons of people watching the greastest sit com ever. The bastards should of kept it in production. Maybe if enough people send in letters to the producers they will bring it back 🙂