Sold?: Oven Pride Ad Gets Men Fired Up!

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For years women have had to endure sexism in the form of ludicrous Lynx adverts; females everywhere have been encouraged to free themselves from the awkward confines of clothing and chase after men as though they were giant, hulking, edible bunnies – and all over a whiff of deoderant.

After balking at our sensitivity, it seems that (finally) men have been given the chance to sympathise with our position – just take a look at the Oven Pride advert above – with the strapline: “So easy a man can do it”. 663 complaints were received from blokes who thought the advert dismissed them as “stupid and lazy”.

We see the boys’ point – why should cleaning be seen as women’s work anyway – this isn’t the 1950’s. Still, all the more grating was the narrator’s irritating titter at the advert’s close. Suffice to say, we’re never buying Oven Pride.

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Scooby Doo says:

if it was for man’s “tools” e.g. hammers it would be the same for women

Rod says:

I’ve been posting quite a lot on this issue that reflects mainly a mindset and not so much a specific incident…
Its now very convencinal to have men portraid as stupid, lazy, and ignorant not just in ads but on tv-shows, commentaries, workplaces… you name it.

I have been asking why and all I get is “why not”.

i agree with Carl. We should treat women badly. There is no respect gained by logically explaining why should we despise sexist remarks, jokes, lines but especially thoughts. I just can’t make women (and even some men) work that out, hence true open war is a very good solution.


Carl says:

The ad is sexist and I will subsequently be treating women like trash in the future.

Ellie says:

Welcome to our world boys…

Although I agree with not reverting to stereotypes on both sides of the coin (ie. men are stupid and lazy/women are crazy and bitchy etc etc).

Perhaps women are relishing in being able to be at the giving end of this type of thing? It’s all part of the process of enlightenment 😉

Richard says:

I feel that the oven pride ad is sexist. I believe in the spirit of equality (which seems to be long forgotten) in that bigotry is to be identified by the victim. I am male and find this offensive.

The ASA in New Zealand admitted in a report it published online (Re: a Kinder Bueno ad) that it may have viewed the same ad as sexist if a female had been the victim. They apply a test of what would be offensive to prevailing community standards. This is unfair, because society is currently at the stage where bigotry against men in advertising is widespread.

Products include the “All Men Are Bastards” knifeblock, showing a man with knfes piercing though parts of his body including his head. See link below:;jsessionid=OhcT4t74kUDm5t7J9iHmIQ**

Then there are the clothes range for girls and young women which include the £Girls Kick Balls” slogan, showing a carton girl kicking a boy so hard in the testicles he is lifted off the ground. Even though this trivializes something that can cause serious harm even death for a male. See link:

Then the men’s rights group Mankind successfully campaigned to get a “man” punching bag, aimed at female customers, removed from shelves at superdrug. See Link: