Eurovision Song Contest: Less Talented than Simon Cowell

May 19, 2009 by  
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The highly-charged rows over politicians’ expenses have clearly sharpened the nation’s political interests, how else would you explain such high viewing figures for the past it’s sell by date cheese-fest that is Eurovision?

This year 7.8 million tuned in to watch Eastern Europe’s domination fade as the UK’s entrant, Jade Ewen, finished fifth place with a song penned by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. The contest was won by Norwegian folk singer Alexander Rybak by a margin of 169 points.

Once, The Eurovision Song Contest was a much anticipated, good natured bit of karaoke between European nations that still had respect for one another. These days however, with Europe’s nations increasingly battling one another off the stage, inter-country sniping and politically charged tactical voting have become the order of the day.

Thank goodness Britain’s Got Talent, which notched up almost 10 millions viewers, continues to fill us to bursting point with national pride!