Pick Of The Week: Monday 18th May

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Tears, Lies and Videotape, Monday 18th May, ITV1, 9pm Alert Me

Looking at the behaviour of some notorious criminal liars, including Shannon Matthews’ mother Karen, Gordon Wardell, Tracie Andrews, Ian Huntley and Fadi Nasri. Some appeared distraught at press conferences to appeal for help, and fooled the nation. Psychologists Professor David Canter and Professor Paul Ekman examine the footage, and investigate whether it was possible to tell that these people were lying.

1066: The Battle of Middle Earth, Monday 18th May, Ch4, 9pm Alert Me

What was it like for the people caught up in its catastrophic events of 1066? The story of this decisive year is told through the eyes of the ordinary men who fought. In this first part, newlywed Tofi and his friend Leofric are wrenched from their Sussex village by the English warrior Ordgar who is recruiting forces to defend the southern English coast from invasion.

Blood, Sweat & Takeaways, Tuesday 19th May, BBC3, 9pm Alert Me

Six young British food consumers go to live and work alongside the millions of people in south east Asia’s food production industries. They tackle Indonesia’s tuna industry in Bitung on the island of Sulawesi. The Brits live with tuna workers in basic communities, endure the heat in the canneries and struggle with the harsh realities of life on a traditional tuna boat.

Why Poetry Matters, Wednesday 20th May, BBC2, 9pm Alert Me

Griff Rhys Jones explores how verse has the power to enlighten, entertain, stimulate and seduce. Griff dissects Keats with Simon Armitage, views a line-up of poetic dandies with Andrew Motion and encounters an experimental poem made from a dozen beach balls.

Traffic Cops: Camera’s Don’t Lie,  Thursday 21st May, BBC1, 9pm Alert Me

The cops are called to an extraordinary hit-and-run incident in Cardiff. It was caught on camera, and when they see the video they cannot believe their eyes. Also, on a quiet Sunday morning in Swansea, another pedestrian is shockingly run over and left for dead. The episode was also captured on CCTV but the footage doesn’t answer the vital question: who was the driver?

My Weapon is a Dog, Thursday 21st May, BBC3, 9pm Alert Me

Rickie Haywood-Williams meets the young men who take dangerous dogs onto the streets and asks whether dogs have become the new weapon of choice. He discovers that some owners deliberately train and abuse their animals to make them vicious attack dogs, and learns that the most iconic and feared dog of all, the pit bull, is back on our streets.