Dollhouse, Scrubs, Sarah Connor Chronicles: Fates Decided

May 18, 2009 by  
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Tis ‘On the Bubble’ time (not quite as catchy as ‘nuke the fridge’ but it’s getting there), which means a whole heap of criminally underlooked, quality shows are heading to the big network heaven in the sky.

First up, and most worrying of all, is the news that ABC has officially renewed Scrubs. Before you start shouting and throwing things, it isn’t the fact that its quality has been steadily declining for the last 4 years, nor the fact that leading lump JD has now officially jumped ship, that has us fearfully awaiting the new series.

It’s just that having watched the Season 8 finale, there was simply no better time to have ended it. This ending really is perfect (avoid if you don’t like spoilers) and it just feels like the right time to stop:

Back to Sci-Fi land and Joss Whedon’s rocky third stab at TV gold seems to have thrown a lifeline. Dollhouse – starring the unfeasibly attractive Eliza Dushku – debuted to decidedly wonky reviews and the viewing figures have never really matched up to its ambition. That said, it had been showing signs of improvement towards the end of the season and now reports suggest it’s back for another 13 episodes.

And finally, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles has been officially (you knew it was coming) terminated. Despite the imminent Salvation movie and increasing interest in the show, Fox has cancelled the show after middling viewing figures.