John Cleese Makes It Official: UK Europe’s Angriest Nation

May 15, 2009 by  
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Blighty’s favourite TV stars all have their own little idiosyncracies that endear them to us – Jonathon’s Ross’ speech impediment, Gordon Ramsey and his borderline Tourette’s, Alan Sugar and his pointing finger. Yet, no one has quite done ‘Angry Brit’ like Basil Fawlty.

Although we are supposed to be famed for our polite moroseness and stiff upper lip, deep down we are all waiting to unleash our inner Hulk – TV channel G.O.L.D. has just revealed results of a study which proves that Britain is the angriest nation in Europe, worse than the fiery French, the mad Paddy’s and the irate Italians put together. The average Brit spits pure venom at least four times a day – and apparently John Cleese is no different.

At the launch of two new Fawlty Towers documentaries Cleese was quick to stick a knife into the heart of modern British comedy, claiming that there has been no good British comedy in the past twenty years.

We were automatically outraged by Cleese’s sniping – what about Red Dwarf, Spaced, The Mighty Boosh, Green Wing and The IT Crowd? And all this coming from the man whose most recent film hits have included The Pink Panther?!

But fear not British comedy – you have a defender in the unlikely form of… Martin Clunes?! First he slammed Cleese for not being funny since the 80’s and then he jumped to the defence of a variety of great shows. Shame he didn’t mention his most recent role in Reggie Perrin… that could have easily given Cleese more fuel for the fire.

Ding, ding, round two gents! Let’s get it on!

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