The Lowdown: Things You Didn’t Know About Flight Of The Conchords

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Whereas The Mighty Boosh took musical comedy to strange and dark new places with their third series (The Crack Fox was clearly a step too far – I mean, really, needles for fingers?!); Flight of The Conchords remain as cuddly and wholesome as ever.

The heady combination of Jemaine’s goofy teeth and porn eyebrow, with Bret’s sultry pout and Brillo-pad-sponsored stubble, makes me want to strip down to my greying panties on a Wednesday night in a Team Building Exercise ’99 T-shirt ready for some series Business Time.

But under their cute librarian-like exteriors, who are these musical mavericks? What is the source of their melodic mojo? Will I ever get the chance to stroke them? Umm probably not…but my love for New Zealand’s finest will go on, as Buzz Lightyear would say, to infinity and beyond.

1. The most random presents they’ve been given by fans tend to feature their faces on bizarre things like knitted sheep and cookies.

2. Both have appeared in adverts: Bret once dressed up as a boat to advertise a New Zealand ferry service and Jemaine advertised Outback Steakhouses, parodying an Australian and continuing the “Australia as Nemesis” humour from Flight of The Conchords.

3. You may remember Jemaine and Bret from the awesome Phones 4 U advert back in 2004. That had us all singing, “Everybody get into a big canoe and row on down to Phones 4 U….” and swooning at these mysterious musical hunks.

4. Bret and Jermaine met whilst performing a scripted comedy called Body Play. The 25-strong cast were all dressed in flesh coloured cycling shorts with detachable penises. Thankfully the show dealt with male body issues, otherwise that would have just been weird.

5. It goes without saying that both comedians are musical ninjas. Bret was in reggae band The Black Seeds (who are Editor assures us are ‘awesome’) and Jemaine… umm, can play the omnichord?!

6. Jemaine recently became a daddy; his wife Miranda Manasiadis gave birth to son, Sophocles Iraia, in October 2008 and in March this year Bret married long term girlfriend Hannah Clarke.

7. At one gig the boys played their Ziggy Stardust tribute song “Bowie’s in Space” and the crowd thought it was a Bowie tune they’ve never heard before.

8. Both boys earned their sex symbol stripes as they got placed in the top “100 Sexiest People” of 2008, in Australian magazine “Who”. Shame they are both married eh?

9. Contrary to the footage in the first episode of the new series, Flight of The Conchords did win a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. It wasn’t just a pencil sharpener stuck to a bit of wood after all.

10. As far as silver screen debuts are concerned, Jemaine fans can check him out in shellsuit-tastic indie flick Eagle vs Shark. Those with vision to rival Superman will also have noticed that Bret had a role as an Elf extra in the first and third parts of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings Trilogy. A fan loved him so much she gave him the name Figwit (which stands for “Frodo is great…Who is that?!”) and started an epic internet phenomena of giggly girl fans dedicated to the promotion of Figwit’s legacy as the “thinking woman’s Legolas”. McKenzie still thinks it’s pretty weird but is “flattered” by all the attention.

Sally McIlhone

Janet says:

LOL, never knew Bret was in Lord of the Rings. Kind of ironic really considering a couple of times during the series they mention not wanting to play on the Lord of the Rings theme and that New Zealand is more than just be the location the movies were filmed etc.