Flight Of The Conchords – Series 2, Episode 1 Review: Better Than A Boyzone Ballad… Just

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35FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, Tuesday 12th May, BBC4, 10.30pm Alert Me

I know I shouldn’t judge Flight of The Conchords on the frustrating supporting cast (as, obviously the characters were purposely written to be akin to nails down a blackboard) but there’s something about the character of Murray that annoys me beyond belief.

All of the episodes that contain a disproportionate amount of whiny-manager boy leave me feeling down and disheartened.

Perhaps it’s just that, after all their effort (and random animal t-shirts in Bret’s case), I yearn for the boys to achieve some semblance of success.

I understand that to increase the longevity of the show, the boys must repeatedly fail – the fact that Jemaine and Bret’s humour lends itself to perpertual loser-dom doesn’t help much either. I have heard that, as this second series may be the last, perhaps towards the close of this series I will eventually see my favourite Kiwi’s straddle the success rocket and explode into superstardom – that will restore my faith in humanity.

The second series opens with Murray’s awkward adjustment to his new found success with Crazy Dogggz, and our not-so dynamic duo decide to take band management into their own hands, only to land a job writing a jingle for a womens’ toothpaste advert. Featuring a (decidedly unfunny) cameo from ex-Who Line Is It Anyway star Greg Proops I found myself waiting for Murray to vacate the scene. Glimmers of genius came during the boys’ brainstorming session for jingle lyrics. I never realised that weaving was “a man’s game”, or that it was possible to weave a pair of trousers out of wool ( or become a sheep lawyer), but Bret proved me wrong – damn that guy is a style guru to rival Glossy Mossy herself.

Where I previously have been blown away by songs like “Business Time” and “Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros”, this episode”s choons were decidedly lacking the random, quirky comedy of old. The best line from Murray’s operatic number compared his rejection to being “treated as though he was infected”, the Femident jingle was blander than a soggy rice cake and the closing ethereal ballad was ok at best.  I was waiting for some real off-the-wall mental moments that would have me turned into a borderline asthmatic with an attack of the giggles.

Who knows, maybe the hairy hunks are just warming up to a stonker of a second episode but if I’m honest, I was underwhelmed. Bret has previously inferred in interviews that they suffered from “second album syndrome” with this series. If I were to give the boys some free advice, I’d recommend they follow in the footsteps of  great comedies like Spaced. End on a high, two series’ is all you need.

Always leave your fans wanting more.

Sally McIlhone

Naomi says:

I agree with Adam, that review is extremely harsh for what I also thought was an hilarious episode. Whilst I agree with you that the structure of the show at present doesn’t lend well to it going on and on for ever (unless as you say they start actually acheiving success etc. – and still keep it funny).

However I thought the episode (and episode 2 which I also saw) were absolutely great. Roll on the rest of the series!

Adam Fenney says:

A very harsh review I feel after the first episode. I have watched the whole series and have to say it blows the first series out of the water. Some of the songs are absolutely genius although it has to be said the songs in the first episode are not the best. Give this series a chance it will be well worth your time, one of the most intelligent and funny comedies of the year.