Pick Of The Week – Monday 11th May

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Whale Wars, Monday 11th May, Discovery Channel, 9.00pm ALERT ME
Ben and Giles, two Sea Shepherd volunteers, are still being held captive aboard the Japanese whaling ship. Paul involves the press in order to draw attention to the situation.

Ideal, Monday 11th May, BBC3, 10.30pm ALERT ME
Sitcom revolving around the strange world of small-time dope dealer and slacker Moz. Moz decides to turn over a new leaf and stop dealing. His girlfriend Jenny is in a coma and seems to the see the world as one big song and dance routine. Moz receives a series of visitors, all of whom believe they can snap her out of it.

Flight of the Conchords, Tuesday 12th May, BBC4, 10.30pm ALERT ME
Comedy series about Kiwi folk musicians Bret and Jemaine as they to try to make it big in New York. Since his success managing the Crazy Doggs, Murray is in a big office downtown and doesn’t have enough time to devote to the Conchords, so Bret and Jemaine fire him. However, when they get a job doing the advertising jingle for Femident toothpaste, they realise there were things Murray did behind the scenes.

How Violent Are You?, Tuesday 12th May, BBC2, 9.00pm ALERT ME
What makes ordinary people commit extreme acts of violence? Michael Portillo investigates the darker side of human nature, being driven to the edge of violence in an extreme sleep deprivation study. He meets men for whom violence has become an addiction and watches a replication of one of the most controversial studies in history, the Milgram study.

Extraordinary People, Wednesday 13th May, Channel 5, 9.00pm ALERT ME
Juliana is missing 30-40 percent of the bones in her face. This condition, known as Treacher Collins Syndrome, was so severe, Juliana was not expected to survive. This film tells the amazing story of her parents’s determination to give Juliana the best life they possible could.

The Homecoming, Thursday 14th May, Channel 4, 9.00pm ALERT ME
At the age of four, Rachel Roberts was placed in a Doncaster children’s home. Now, 30 years later, armed with nothing more than a solitary photo from the 70s and some distant memories, Rachel is going in search of some of the other children from the home to find out where their lives have taken them. There are surprises around every corner as she unearths some astonishing stories.